Real Estate Investing for Beginners – Real Estate Investing for Beginners Guide

Real estate investing can become very profitable for those who know what they’re doing. For those who don’t really know what they’re doing, real estate investing can start to feel like a bad idea. Learn more about real estate investing for beginners, and learn how to turn your initial investment into a whole lot more.

Real estate investing for beginners is not so different from real estate investing for the old pros. After all, you’re all trying to do that same thing: get a good return on the property you bought. Learning how to get that return is the trick to success at real estate. For beginners, it’s best to learn all you can before you start investing. Real estate isn’t hard to figure out, and the more you know the more money you stand to gain from your real estate investment.

For beginners, real estate investing should begin with study. Study the market, study the properties that are available in your area, study the public reaction. This means, spend a little time just watching properties in your area. Look at what’s selling, what’s not selling, and where these properties are location. Success at real estate investing often depends on where and what properties you buy. A beautiful home in a terrible neighborhood won’t sell as well as it would in a great neighborhood, and your investment is what will suffer. You want to know which areas are popular, and which areas have properties that don’t sell as well. Real estate investing for beginners means taking the time to learn, before you jump right into spending.

Keep in mind that, for beginners who are just getting involved in real estate, it’s always good to have some help. Speak to contractors, speak to real estate agents, speak to other real estate investors. Learn all you can from others, and in this way you can learn the tricks to succeed. Real estate investing for beginners is just like any other real estate investing, only with a little less experience.

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Stock Market Investing For Beginners Part 3 – Choosing Stock Top Down

In Part two of the Stock Market Investing for Beginners series, we looked at the Bottom Up approach for choosing a stock to invest in. It is important to have a system for choosing the right candidates to invest in that does not take hours or days to perform as this will had additional stress to your trading activities.

The Top Down approach to filter through the thousands of stocks is the inverse of the Bottom Up approach. You identify a market first (like the US Stock Market) then narrow the search to a sector then go through the companies within the sector. This gives you the bird’s eye view of the market you will be trading in and will define the sentiment of the ‘arena’ you will be trading in. This helps a lot because if the market as a whole is falling apart it may not be prudent to start buying into that massive force. Calling market bottoms is very difficult and most professionals do not engage in the activity. Many usually wait for the market to turn and then consider looking for value to invest in.

Both Bottom up and Top Down take time and there are a few ways to reduce the commitment required to do a good job. One of the best ways is to use a computer program that will go through all the choices and reduce the number of things you have to look at. It does this by following rules that the user enters and works extremely fast compared to a human. You will need to think logically when entering the rules for the computer to follow and also go through the process auditing the results to see if there are any errors. Once these checks are done, it should work really well and be a valuable tool.

Another really good way to achieve great results is to use a service. A stock picking service traditionally charges a month fee to provide members a short list of stock picks to invest in. Like the computer program you will need to perform an audit for the quality. If the service provides a cheap trial or a 30 day money back guarantee you can test their customer service and follow the picks real time. There is no sense in looking over a provided tract record as anyone can put that together after the fact. Many professionals use these types of services, rather than doing it in house as it is usually cheaper.

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Investing For Beginners – Huge Trap New Investors Make

Investing for beginners – A great lesson

I was evaluating a house just down the street, the owner is looking to move and I got to say the house is pretty tight. It has all sorts of upgrades, granite counter tops, tile floors, Top of the line appliances and a beautiful back yard. And they want $190,000 $20,000 over what the market is worth…


“All the upgrades I’ve put into this house.”

If you fall under the category “investing for beginners,” it is inevitable that you are going to come across a home chocked full of upgrades.

For a new investor, it can be very challenging, especially when you haven’t really evaluated how to figure out a deal, and you got these well meaning owners telling you they have the granite countertops, the Jacuzzi, the wet bar and outdoor pool with waterslides… you get the point.

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